DIHs Community Meeting

DIHs Community Meeting


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TECNOVA is an Andalusian Technological Centre of Agricultural Industry. It is constituted as a private non-profit Foundation and integrates 125 private companies, organizations and official institutions belonging to the industry of agriculture. TECNOVA carries out applied research and innovation services, and offers support in the process of the implementation of innovations developed in the agricultural sector. The mission of TECNOVA is the technological development and the promotion of the auxiliary industry and services for agriculture, by means of applied research and innovation support services, training courses and the development of clusters and different activities to promote the adoption of new technologies.


Sectoral coverage: Aiming of reach out to all the regional stakeholders close to TECNOVA TC, there are more than 120 organisations among founders, collaborators and partners that support the knowledge and technology that TECNOVA TC represents. Its partners include:  Biotech partners  Business consulting partners  Plant nutrition and phytopathology partners  Packaging partners  Machinery partners  Plastics partners  Biological monitoring partners  Fertigation and water treatment partners  Seeds and seedbeds partners  Environmental monitoring partners  Substrates partners  Post-harvest partners  Greenhouse construction technology partners .
Technological focus: • Development of applied research and innovation support services related to the production and the commercialization of different agricultural products, • Organization of training activities, technical conferences and fairs to promote the adoption of new developments and techniques, • Promotion of relations between the private companies associated to TECNOVA and different actors involved in the science, technology, and business system, • Collaboration and cooperation with national and international organizations, in order to reach common goals with the participation in national and international programmes, • Promotion and coverage of reports, publications, studies, including prospective ones, in relation to the agricultural sector .
Customer types: Mostly SMEs in the agroindustry area.
Service Offering:

1. Test before Invest.
a. Strategic support to Research Development and Innovation (RDI)
b. Contract research
c. Testing and validation
d. Incubator/accelerator support
e. Digital Maturity Assessment
f. Market intelligence
g. Voice of the customer, product consortia
2. Support to find Investment
a. Strategic and business development
b. Funding lifecycle management support
c. Access to Funding and Investor Readiness Services
3. Innnovation ecosutem and networking
a. Ecosystem scouting, engagement and management
b. Ecosystem coordination for project
c. Mentoring
4. Skill and Trainning
a. Education and skills development

In terms of cooperation with other Hubs, we look for:
OTHER RELEVANT ASPECTS: DIH focused on agroindustry
YOUR NEED IN ONE SENTENCE: cooperation, learn, new proposals
NAMES OF THE HUBS YOU WOULD LIKE TO MEET: cooperation, learn, new proposals

Let’s meet each other

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Guadalupe Lopez Diaz

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