DIHs Community Meeting

DIHs Community Meeting

CIDIHUB – Canary Islands Digital Innovation Hub

Are you an EDIH? Yes.

City: Canary Islands, Spain.


The CIDIHIB is a partnership of 15 organizations and competence centers specialized in business digitalisation, providing key infrastructure, resources and knowledge for the digital transformation of companies and public institutions in the Canary Islands, and facilitating the development and uptake of digital technologies in a combined and complementary effort with other local stakeholders. Although mainly operating in the Canary Islands region, the CIDIHUB also collaborates with entities and DIHs located in other countries in and out of the European continent.


Sectoral coverage: Tourism and Commerce, Sustainability, Energy, Water and Green Economy, Logistics and Transport, Health, Biomedicine and Biotechnology, Industry and Construction, ICT, Marine-Maritime Sciences and Blue Economy, Astrophysics.
Technological focus: Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, High Performance Computing, Advanced Digital Skills and Interoperability and Digital Transformation.
Customer types: Startups (most typical), SMEs (most typical), mid-caps and large enterprises, research and technology centers and public organizations.
Service Offering:

1. Test before invest:
- Digital maturity and technological diagnosis
- Digital strategy or business model preparation for digital
- End user and digital solution provider matchmaking and signposting to external assistance
- Technological advice and/or technology provision for product design and development
- R&D and innovation assistance
- Demonstration and validation of technology, products and/or business models
- Access to infrastructure, resources and expertise for R&D, prototyping, proof of concept, testing and/or experimentation with digital technologies/solutions

2. Support to find investment:
- Search of funding sources for digital solutions development, implementation and validation
- Identification of collaboration opportunities and joining to national and European consortiums and networks
- Preparation of regional and national R&D&I proposals
- Preparation of European R&D&I collaborative proposals
- Preparation of European R&D&I individual proposals and open calls

3. Training and digital skills:
- Digital skills and competences capacitation on technology fields (AI, cybersecurity, etc.)
- Digital transformation and supporting tools and methodologies
- Vision and strategy generation in digital businesses

4. Innovation ecosystem, networking and entrepreneurship:
- Awareness creation on needs and opportunities for digital
- Promotion and assistance on collaborative and open innovation in the ecosystem
- Support to the creation of sectorial and technological networks and communities
- Incubation, co-working, co-creation, acceleration and scale-up assistance

In terms of cooperation with other Hubs, we look for:
YOUR NEED IN ONE SENTENCE: Cooperation in projects and initiatives with common regional goals
NAMES OF THE HUBS YOU WOULD LIKE TO MEET: Cooperation in projects and initiatives with common regional goals

Let’s meet each other

Delegate 1:

Jorge Galván Falcón

Delegate 2: