DIHs Community Meeting

DIHs Community Meeting


Are you an EDIH? Yes.

City: Portugal.


CONNECT5 – DIH for Connectivity, CPS, IoT, Cloud/Edge and Data Analytics aims to create and operate a national and European reference DIH supporting the digital and green transformation of SMEs and public organizations. CONNECT5 is a collaborative network, in the form of a Consortium of 12 entities (RTO, polytechnic institutes, universities), with high level of expertise in digital technologies, state-of-the-art infrastructures and a deep nation-wide network of contacts (companies, business associations, public entities, etc.) bringing together their complementary expertise and assets, to create a unique value platform.

CONNECT5’s will leverage on its capabilities based on Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), Internet of Things (IoT), Communications networks (5G and 6G), infrastructures (Cloud and Edge Computing), Big Data platforms and analytical data processing, supported by Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cybersecurity and High-performance computing (HPC) when required, enabling the target entities to evaluate its impacts and the feasibility to their business before further investing in it.


Sectoral coverage: CONNECT5 positions itself as a transversal sector DIH. CONNECT5 has two main focuses: a)-foster SMEs from all sectors and public entities in general, but with municipalities as the main target, to embrace the digital transition and b)- challenging innovator entities to use CONNECT5 resources to validate new products/services/applications with impact on the digital transition of the economy..
Technological focus: CONNECT5 leverage cutting-edge digital technologies, namely: - 5G (Communications), - Cloud, - IoT, - Data Analytics and - cyber-physical systems (CPS), and supported by knowledge areas of AI, HPC and Cybersecurity. In addition, the consortium provides the required business innovation capabilities which we consider a prerequisite to interact with and support the beneficiaries in their digital transformation acceleration..
Customer types: All SMEs and Public Administration entities, in general. Most typical customers will be medium size SMEs from the Manufacturing sector and technological ICT SMEs. From the Public Administration area, Municipalities will be our target customer..
Service Offering:

The services provided by CONNECT5 will be based on 4 main domains:

Test before invest:
-Digital Technologies/solutions Showcase Events,
-Testing and experimenting with new digital technologies
-Digital Innovation Facilitation
-Solution PoC Design & Trial
Skills and training;
- CONNECT5 Academy
- Custom-made training
Support to find investment;
- Scouting, Individual Matching and Support,
- Innovation Project Proposal (set-up)
Innovation ecosystem and networking
- CONNECT5 Open Day events
- Matchmaking and Innovation Facilitation

In terms of cooperation with other Hubs, we look for:
OTHER RELEVANT ASPECTS: Promoting our key differentiating test infrastructures namely on Connectivity
YOUR NEED IN ONE SENTENCE: Sharing strategies and experience in reaching the SMEs; Promoting our key differentiating test infrastructures namely on Connectivity
NAMES OF THE HUBS YOU WOULD LIKE TO MEET: Sharing strategies and experience in reaching the SMEs; Promoting our key differentiating test infrastructures namely on Connectivity

Let’s meet each other

Delegate 1:

Luis Miguel Da Silva

Delegate 2:

Diana Marques