DIHs Community Meeting

DIHs Community Meeting

Digital Hub Logistics (formerly ECM)

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City: Dortmund, Germany.


- The Digital Hub Logistics in Dortmund is the facilitator of a unique ecosystem for the digital transformation of logistics. It has made it it’s mission to bring together partners from science, business and society in order to support the development and faster dissemination of innovative products and
- It’s central position in close proximity to the Technical University of Dortmund and the two Fraunhofer Institutes IML and ISST provides optimal prerequisites for the collaborative offer of various support services for small and medium sized companies, start-ups and corporates alike.


Sectoral coverage: The Digital Hub Logistics Dortmund is a unique innovation ecosystem for the digital transformation of logistics and supply chain management and its application sectors of manufacturing, production, trade and services. Dortmund's innovative and broad-based mix of industries makes a decisive contribution to the region's economic dynamism. Sectors such as manufacturing and services, health care, energy and the knowledge-intensive services sector are the backbone of the local economy, the driving force behind growth and the continued positive development of employment. At the same time, the competences available at the location in the field of digital technologies have been expanded. Furthermore, the surrounding districts such as Unna are characterized by a strong industrial core; production, logistics and trade are the dominant industries there today. In addition, sectors as energy and circular economy play an important role for the region. With this broadly diversified mix of industries, it has been possible to significantly increase the employment rate and reduce the unemployment rate in recent decades following the phase-out of coal and steel..
Technological focus: In the broad topic area of digitisation, the technological focus areas artificial intelligence, high-performance computing, internet of things, cyber-physical systems, cyber security and data sovereignty are being pursued based on the needs of companies in the region, the potential in the application domain and the competences of the consortium partners. Since the successful implementation of digital technologies into innovative products and business models requires digital skills of the employees, Digital Hub Logistics also places a special focus on offers in the area of "advanced digital skills". In the area of cyber security, which also plays an important role in the acceptance and implementation of digital products and business models, the Digital Hub Logistics acts as an intermediary to the existing competence centres in the region (e.g. HGI Bochum). .
Customer types: Due to its central location in the Ruhr area which is characterized by a high density of industrial manufacturing companies, the main target group is represented by SMEs, midcaps and corporates from that industry. Another target group are start-ups offering digital products and services within logistics..
Service Offering:

Each format provides the customer with a unique value proposition that is delivered through different services such as individual coaching sessions, events, research collaborations, workshops or the provision of facilities and material. The broad network resulting from our ecosystem enables the hub
to offer this wide range of services within the fields of Innovation Ecosystem and Networking, Test before Invest, Skills & Training and Support to find investment. An excerpt of the services are:

Innovation Ecosystem & Networking:
- One-on-one match making (Consultation)
- Technology or domain focus groups (Workshop)
- Technology scouting for SMEs (Consultation)
- Networking and knowledge transfer events (Event)

Test before Invest:
- Open consultation hours test before investing (Consultation)
- Innovation radar consultation (Consultation)
- Ideation workshops on digital transformation & digital technologies (Workshop)
- Digital maturity assessment for SMEs (Consultation)
- Digital transformation and technology road mapping (Consultation)
- Implementation coaching (Consultation)
- Value proposition and revenue engineering (Workshop)
- Lab tour key technologies in logistics and manufacturing for SMEs (Event)
- MVP development & testing activities (Consultation)
- Piloting & technology transfer projects (Consultation)

Skills & Training:
- Webinars on digital transformation skills (1-2 hours) (Webinar)
- Workshops on digital transformation skills (1-2-days) (Workshop)
- Training series on digital transformation skills (3-days+) (Training)
- Webinar digital technology and product refinement (1-2 hours) (Webinar)
- Workshops digital technology and product refinement (1-2 days) (Workshop)
- Training series digital technology and product refinement (3-days+) (Training)
- 1-day workshops on advanced digital skills (Workshop)
- Recruiting and talent match makings (Consultation)
- Smart talent workshops for SMEs (Workshop)

Support to find investment:
- Make, buy or cooperate in use of key technologies (Consultation)
- Investment consultation hours (Consultation)
- Consultation hours on funding opportunities (Consultation)
- One-on-one match making (Consultation)

In terms of cooperation with other Hubs, we look for:
YOUR NEED IN ONE SENTENCE: Knowledge and experience exchange on governance and service portfolio of the DIHs
NAMES OF THE HUBS YOU WOULD LIKE TO MEET: Knowledge and experience exchange on governance and service portfolio of the DIHs

Let’s meet each other

Delegate 1:

Charlotte Edzard

Delegate 2:

Maria Beck