DIHs Community Meeting

DIHs Community Meeting

FEM-HUB (Łukasiewicz – IMiF)

Are you an EDIH? Yes.

City: Warszawa, Poland.


FEM-HUB is/was* a joint venture of a consortium consisting of Łukasiewicz Research Network Institutes - IMIF and ITR, having complementary factual competences and experience in technology implementation, the Employers' Association - Polish Photonics Technology Platform, having experience in cooperation and building relations with enterprises and National Chamber of Commerce for Electronics and Telecommunications dealing with building awareness about new technologies, lobbying, training and consulting in introducing innovations.

* now, from 1st Jan 2023 we started our activity as a part of European EDIH - Mazowia EDIH as a concorcium of some more partners.


Sectoral coverage: FEM-HUB addresses the customer needs to be strengthen to improve the market position of the customer by means of end-to-end knowledge support/transfer/delivery on how to improve customer product portfolio and/or manufacturing procedures through implementation of micro-electronics and photonics..
Technological focus: FEM-HUB addresses service offer for our clients in the following areas: - Micro and nanoelectronics - Sensors - Photonics - Cyber-physical systems: embedded systems - Internet of Things (IoT) - Cyber Security - Simulation and modeling - Additive manufacturing (3D printing) - Laser production - Wearables - Advanced materials - Other: integrated heterogeneous microsystems .
Customer types: Our focus customers are manufacturing SMEs in Poland who are currently not clients of Łukasiewicz- IMIF (med-tech; military; metrology; smart buildings; energy sector). Besides, we aim into support of the technology suppliers seeking for the market..
Service Offering:

We defined two main groups of services, we will provide for our customers:
• Skills development services
• Test-Before-Invest Services
The firs one “Skills development services” will focus on:
• open-access webinars
• seminars
• workshops
• publications
in the scope of digital technologies.
The second group “Test-Before-Invest Services”
• Digitalization pathways for a specific company
• Testing and feasibility assessment
• Technology demonstration
• Technology deployment

In terms of cooperation with other Hubs, we look for:
OTHER RELEVANT ASPECTS: Complementary services;
YOUR NEED IN ONE SENTENCE: Creating national and European corridor for collaboration
NAMES OF THE HUBS YOU WOULD LIKE TO MEET: Creating national and European corridor for collaboration

Let’s meet each other

Delegate 1:

Tomasz Bieniek

Delegate 2:

Grzegorz Janczyk