DIHs Community Meeting

DIHs Community Meeting


Are you an EDIH? Yes.

City: Romania.


The FIT consortium’s rationale is guided by the “one-stop-shop” concept, implying that the DIH is prepared to serve as a single contact point for digitalization in the Region and deliver its services to any SME or PSO in the region, regardless of their level of digital maturity. This implies the need for a client-centric approach, one connected to (a) the actual digital readiness of the organization (ex. databases, basic data infrastructures), (b) the needs of SMEs and PSOs in the region and c) their motivation and available level of investment in FIT activities.


Sectoral coverage: FIT DIH is specialized on the following fields: SMART CITY ( RIS3 areas: - Sustainable Built Environment - Tourism and Culture, MANUFACTURING (RIS3areas: Automotive and Mechatronics, Textile and Apparel, Agrofood, Forestry and furniture industry, eHEALTH (RIS3 area: Medical & Pharmaceuticals). .
Technological focus: Key technologies: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Accelerating the best use of key technologies (KET), Advanced Digital Skills (ADS). Additionally, FIT EDIH focuses on building capabilities in AI, Cybersecurity, advanced computing, data infrastructure, governance and processing, the deployment of these technologies and their best use. .
Customer types: 1. Small and Mediun Sized Enterprises from the following industries: smart city, manufacturing, health, localted in the Central Development Region of Romania 2. Public Services Organizations operating in the Central Development Region of Romania Most typical customers: small enterprises .
Service Offering:

Innovation Ecosystem
• Regional Digital Needs Discovery
• Technology mapping and matchmaking
• Engagement in EU EDIH, EEN, EEN, DE networking and policy alignment
Test Before Invest
• Technology Discovery
• Digital Maturity Assessment
• Advanced Digital Transformation #1 Technology
• Demo - Testing - Knowledge Transfer
• FIT Learning Platform & UpSkilling Discovery
• Advanced Digital Transformation #2 Human Centric Digitization
• FIT Upskilling Training Modules
Access to Finance
• FIT4Finace Platform & Funding Discovery
• FIT4Finance - Phase I - Prepare for finance
• FIT4Finance - Phase II - Advanced Digital Transformation #3 - Finance

In terms of cooperation with other Hubs, we look for:
OTHER RELEVANT ASPECTS: Key field: Circular transition
YOUR NEED IN ONE SENTENCE: Partners to develop joint projects in the field of circular innovation, sustainable and smart development.
NAMES OF THE HUBS YOU WOULD LIKE TO MEET: Partners to develop joint projects in the field of circular innovation, sustainable and smart development.

Let’s meet each other

Delegate 1:

Matyus Eniko

Delegate 2: