DIHs Community Meeting

DIHs Community Meeting

Wallachia eHub

Are you an EDIH? Yes.

City: Bucharest, Romania.


Wallachia eHUB (WEH) is a Romanian Digital Innovation Hub with the mission to become a consolidated gateway (one-stop-shop) in providing digital services and solutions contributing to the twin transition of private sector companies, especially SMEs, small mid-caps, and of public sector organisations by conducting its specialized activities in the Region of South-Muntenia.
Our vision is to act as the main gateway in the region towards digitalisation and provide integrated services for SMEs and public entities to achieve green digital transformation through interoperability and development in digital skills and solutions.


Sectoral coverage: Wallachia eHub will place special importance on the most active sectors in RSM. These include service sectors such as tourism, health, public authorities and production sectors such as manufacturing, agri-food, automotive, construction materials, chemical and petrochemical machinery..
Technological focus: Wallachia eHub provides specialised support in the form of digital and interoperability solutions with key advanced technologies such as AI, Cybersecurity, Robotics, Mobility and Location technologies (GIS), Building Information Modelling (BIM)..
Customer types: 1. Emerging clients with interest in pursuing digital transformation, but are reluctant to adopt key technologies and are unaware about their benefits WEH focuses its support on knowledge transfer, matchmaking with SMEs and start-ups that have ready-made digital solutions fit for their needs and targeted training, upskilling and reskilling services. 2. Moderate clients to digital transformation, unaware of the most appropriate manner of integrating digital solutions into their business processes. Our EDIH focuses on initial assessment and digital transformation services like upskilling, reskilling, innovation digital management. 3. Strong clients that have taken significant steps in terms of digital transformation and need technology transfer services, R&D&I, integration of key technologies to improve their business processes WEH focuses on niche services and more in-depth digital innovation support, like test before invest, business acceleration and financing, entry to the market. The most typical clients for our DIH are moderate ones..
Service Offering:

1. Support to find investment: Business acceleration; Market fit and growth hacking solutions; Start-ups and scale-ups Mentorship; Consultancy for funding and internationalisation
2. Skills and training: training sessions delivered after segmenting types of clients (managers, employees, tailor-made programmes responding to specific needs of SMEs and small mid-caps in the region); adapted training formats
3. Test before invest: smart city and urban planning engineering solutions, develop BIM pilot projects, provision of green building solutions, production monitoring with specialised platforms
4. Innovation ecosystem and Networking: participate in national and international digital events, maintain structured long-term relationships with the relevant local actors, ensure the recognition of DIH both locally and internationally

In terms of cooperation with other Hubs, we look for:
OTHER RELEVANT ASPECTS: Building european corridors in a specific topic
YOUR NEED IN ONE SENTENCE: Complementarities with other hubs
NAMES OF THE HUBS YOU WOULD LIKE TO MEET: Complementarities with other hubs

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