Ágora DIH

Ágora DIH

Avenida de la Fama, nº 3, CP 30003 Murcia Spain

+34 96 836 57 06


ágora DIH, the Digital Innovation Hub of the Region of Murcia (Spain), aims to promote the use of technologies enabling digital transformation within the regional business network, with a special focus on SMEs. Our misión is to support the regional SMEs in the identification and exploitation/mobilisation of the technical, human, and financial resources needed to adopt the new technologies required for the digital transformation.

Ágora DIH consist of 6 entities that represent different regional key stakeholders within the implementation process of key enabling technologies in the digital transformation: Regional Development Agency of Murcia (INFO), European Business and Innovation Center in Cartagena (CEEIC), European Business and Innovation Center in Murcia (CEEIM), Information and Communication Technology Center of the Region of Murcia (CENTIC), Polytechnic University of Cartagena (UPCT) and University of Murcia (UM).


Ágora DIH provides services to the Region of Murcia when it comes to the implementation of digital technologies related to Industry 4.0, focusing on Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), 5G Technologies, Cyber Physical Systems or Big Data, in the following sectors: Agrofood value chain, Quality of life and Driving activities (energy and sea or marine affairs). Some of the technological services that it is currently offering are:

Based upon the companies’ challenges, DigiTech 4.0 provides SMEs the following services: assessment of readiness for digitization, developing and validation of new solutions, introduction in physical cyber security matters, access to funding and investor readiness services, building innovation capacity through enriching
human capital.

  • Technological Consultancy Service in Industrial Predictive Maintenance
  • Transfer and innovation services in advanced technology laboratories
  • Artificial Vision and Intelligent Vehicles Laboratory Service
  • Artificial Intelligence, Knowledge Engineering, Intelligent Systems and Telematics Services
  • Industry 4.0 Bootcamp Service – I40Bootcamp
  • Indoor Positioning Systems (ILS) Laboratory Service
  • Industrial Design and Scientific Computing Service
  • Virtual Reality-VR- Laboratory
Additional information

ágora DIH is built on a previous existing DIH from Murcia called Innovation for Manufacturing in the South (I4MSOUTH), running from 2016, and on a participatory process, where in April 2019 the relevant actors of the innovation ecosystem of the Murcia Region were consulted in order to build a feasibility study to point out the lines of work on which it should focus. This was done in order to be fully aligned with the regional innovation ecosystem and guarantee its membership and sustainability in the medium and long term. To this end, the particularities of the regional production system were analysed, and in particular the relevance of activities linked to the sectors and activities identified in the RIS3Mur. This participatory process had, on the one hand, the involvement of the different relevant actors of the innovation system in Murcia, to ensure that the technological offer was aligned with its actual capacities, and on the other hand, an analysis of the potential demand of the different technologies that could be dealt through the EDIH.