DIH-World aims to harmonise and widen the landscape of European DIHs across all of Europe to address the “digital innovation hubs divide”.

DIH-World aims to accelerate the uptake of advanced digital technologies by European manufacturing SMEs in all sectors by supporting them in building sustainable competitive advantages and reaching global markets. DIH-World strengthens the capacities of regional DIHs, particularly in underrepresented regions across Europe.

As intermediaries of successful local SME digital transformation, DIH-World aims at providing DIHs, access to harmonised tools, well proven technologies, effective methodologies, sound knowledge, smart investment sources, rich training assets and overall a vibrant innovation environment.

The final aim is to accelerate the matureness of DIHs and the development of their collaboration capabilities, and avoid a DIH divide due to lack of access to technologies, skills, networks, investment and infrastructures with special emphasis in underrepresented regions; so they can capitalise and leverage on the European DIHs Networks their resources and facilities for the benefit of their local SMEs.


The DIH-World project consortium will  launch its second open call on 2022. Stay tuned!






Community Days

Madeira Digital Health and Wellbeing

Date: 2021-05-24 to 2021-05-28

Place: Community Days| Online

About: Event intends to disseminate and demonstrate solutions in the area of digital health and well-being in the region of the Madeira island, with Uninova having partnerships with various entities in the region.

Industry 4.0 in Practice

Date: 2021-05-27

Place: Community Days | Online

About: The event is bringing together and benefitting manufacturers, ICT vendors, service industry, academia representatives and policy makers. The main areas of the event are: Twin Transition of Industry, smart Technologies, practical Use Cases


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We would like to invite you to give your opinion and help us to define the green and digital transitional pathway of the tourism sector. The survey will steal you less than a minute and your collaboration will be very valuable for us....

Apply for our Open Call!

DIH-World has launched the first Open Call to select and support up to 35 SME-driven experiments and it will be on going until 15th July.  The DIH-World open calls are designed to support digitalisation experiments involving DIHs and SMEs from the manufacturing sector. Innovative experiments will...


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