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The AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH is Austrian’s largest non-university research institute addressing key infrastructures required for tackling issues of the future. The Center for Digital Safety & Security is making a significant contribution to ICT and is devoting concerted efforts to guaranteeing operational efficiency and reliability of all critical infrastructures – both private and public – especially in times of potential ecological, economic and political crisis.

Research within the Center for Safety and Security aims at the development of novel methods and tools for testing, validation, and verification of complex and safety-relevant systems. Focus of application is autonomous vehicles, rail, robotics, and the automotive sector.

AIT also develops generic secure architectures and services for discovery, integration and assessment of information (e.g. sensor data) combining complex heterogeneous information sources to obtain new insights for politics and society. Next generation security solutions that address the vulnerabilities and threats emerging in the future Internet to protect the end-users, their interactions and transactions, their privacy, their devices, content and data against any malicious behaviour.


The AIT-DSS offers a wide range of services for companies, like manufacturing start-ups, SMEs and corporates, which are specifically adapted to their individual needs. The offers are structured in such a way that enterprises with different knowledge conditions and with different technical experience can easily identify the offers suitable for them. The DIH is currently offering a set to develop cyber security abilities of a SME in the following categories:

  • Capacity building:
    Our cyber security training and learning environment (Cyber Range) helps you to test and validate security measures, verify the resilience of different IT architectures as well as to train different security processes in the enterprise, and specific incident response processes for cyber incidents in realistic application scenarios to support real world IT deployments and ensure consistent IT operations for highest cyber security resilience.
  • Risk assessment:
    We consult on the implementation of a holistic risk management approach for cyber security. Besides best practices from standard risk frameworks, this particularly includes the methodologies for covering the interdependencies on a microscopic (within an infrastructure) and macroscopic (among infrastructures) scale.
  • Pentesting:
    We support you from the first prototype to the final implementation. Whether black-box tests (without exact knowledge of the system to be tested, e.g. via fuzzing and reverse engineering) or white-box tests (complete information up to extensive source code analysis) – we have the necessary know-how and many years of project experience.

Furthermore, we are a strong partner in multinational research projects and strongly engaged in awareness creation towards safe, secure and responsible digitalisation.

Additional information

Cyber Security Training
The AIT Cyber Range supports effective IT security training by learning and training IT security measures tailored to meet individual needs and requirements (beginners, advanced and experts). The AIT Cyber Range is thus prepared individually for the agreed training scenarios from the cyber security training including technical simulations and hands-on experience for participants. Training includes but is not limited to cyber security awareness training for employees and management, Understanding IT and OT technologies and vulnerability management, Assessing security threats and attack scenarios and certification of knowledge and processes for IT operations and IT development.

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