Stena Industry Innovation Hub at Chalmers

Forskningsgången 6, 417 56, Goteborg, Sweden

+47 703 088 838

Stena Industry Innovation Hub at Chalmers (SII-Hub) is a Digital Innovation Hub – a Swedish testbed for acceleration of industrial digitalisation, part of the two Governmental initiatives for indutrial digitalisation, Produktion2030 and the Smart Industry. SII-Hub consists of the physical infrastructure SII-Lab and its supporting organisational infrastructure.
The mission of Stena Industry Innovation Hub at Chalmers is to provide a platform for research, innovation, demonstration, education, and training in the area of industrial digitalisation. SII-Hub is an open platform for large industries, SMEs, and society. In addition to industry you will also find collaboration between researchers, entrepreneurs, and educators. Teachers may come from kindergartens as well as high schools or universities.
The SII-hub provides access to a full range of competencies at Chalmers University of Technology. This includes Chalmers’ entrepreneurship, incubator, and venture capital organisation – Chalmers Ventures. SII-hub also collaborates with national government funding agencies, regional government, industry associations, and unions.


Main services provided:

  • Research, Innovation, and Demonstration
  • Education and trainingSmall and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME) support
  • Testbed for industrial digitalisation
  • 5G digital infrastructure
  • Makerspace resources, including additive Manufacturing machines
  • Entrepreneurship support

SII-Hub at Chalmers is a national testbed for collaborative robotics, 5G implementation in assembly operations, digital business to business platforms.

We provide education on graduate, Master and under-graduate levels.

We also provide modularised training and upskilling in industry 4.0 topics as part of a national Swedish up-skilling effort. (5G in Manufacturing, Collaborative robots, interoperability, and standards)

Additional information

Stena Industry innovation hub is physically located in the same building as the EIT Manufacturing Co-Location North. This provides excellent opportunities to Access the fulll network of EIT Manufacturing Innovation, Education, and Business Creation.

SII-Hub/Lab is hosted by Chalmers University of Technology, a private University linking the Hub to a University network and resource-base.

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