Czech Institute of Informatics, Robotics, and Cybernetics, Czech Technical University in Prague

Science Park Building Rimska 28, 44 000 Sisak, Croatia

Alena Burešová


Markéta Iffland


The Czech Institute of Informatics, Robotics, and Cybernetics (CIIRC CTU) is the newest institute of the Czech Technical University in Prague, established in 2013. CIIRC CTU´s research focuses on four basic pillars: industry, energy, smart cities, and healthy society, all implemented in basic and applied research.

CIIRC CTU aims to become a leading European centre for artificial intelligence. CIIRC CTU´s research centers on cutting-edge research in the fields of computer science, robotics, cybernetics, artificial intelligence and related areas, especially machine learning, optimization, automated reasoning, machine perception, computer vision, intelligent, distributed and complex systems, automatic control, computer-aided manufacturing, energy transport, smart homes and smart cities, bioinformatics, biomedicine, and assistive technologies.
CIIRC CTU´s 8 research departments are complemented by specialized academic transfer centers National Centre for Industry 4.0Center of City of The Future, Testbed for Industry 4.0 and RICAIP Centre.

The DIH vision is to implement the Industry 4.0 concept by providing the research potential and know-how transfer to the Czech industry (mainly to SMEs) in the field of manufacturing. CIIRC CTU as coordinating organisation provides its unique resources – strong university background, excellent research capacities, exceptional focus on excellent EU projects and partners, and running infrastructure.


1. Industry 4.0 principles implementation

  • Digital Maturity Assessment: evaluation of digital readiness level including a strategy plan development
  • Collaborative research, proof of concept, testing and validation: use of Testbed for Industry 4.0 as an experimental workplace for joint research, development, and testing innovative solutions and processes for smart factories in cooperation with industry

2. Digital innovation knowledge management

  • Mentoring, education and skills development: thematic education workshops with focus in particular on Industry 4.0 concept, on demand training and demonstrations
  • Incubator support: supporting creation of startups/spinoffs, operating together with the CTU Media Lab Foundation the accelerator of eClub start-up teams
  • Funding opportunities identification, partner search
  • Providing market studies: on demand or general, e.g. Analysis of Czech Industry 2020

3. Ecosystem building