DIH Oceanopolis

Canary Islands Digital Innovation Hub

Santiago Cuadrado, 30, 38006, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

+47 908 66 856

DIH Ocean is a non-profit “one-stop-shop” and a consortium of partners representing several hundred blue ocean SMEs and midcaps.DIH Ocean focus on capacity building, cybersecurity and artificial intelligence (AI), interoperability competence, advanced digital skills and digital solutions based on real time data.


DIH Ocean:

  • assist SMEs and midcaps with sustainable uptake of Artificial Intelligence (AI), High Performance Computing (HPC) and Cybersecurity, other key enabling digital technologies/competencies and advanced materials competence and labs for testing and innovation.
  • Is a consortium providing state of the art digital test facilities, highly skilled partners on AI, promote the AI-on-demand platforms, cyber security and assists SMEs to make use of the advanced computing facility at LUMI HPC network.
  • Is a network to assist in developing business/production processes, products and/or services by use of digital technologies.
  • provide access to advanced digital technical expertise and lab facilities to allow companies to “test before invest”.
  • Provide access to innovation services, financing advice and digital training and skills.
  • Is a platform to access ocean data.


Additional information

The ocean is an important contributor to global future prosperity and growth.
In 2018 the EU Blue Economy directly employed 5 million people and generated € 750 billion in turnover.

Ocean based industries have the potential to double in size by 2030 compared to 2010 according to the OECD report «the Ocean Economy in 2030.