Digital Innovation Hub Science City

Ilkovičova 3, 812 19 Bratislava, Slovak republic

+421 915 719 462


DIH SC is a unique innovation center using a combination of university environment, research and business. We provide transfer of knowledge from research to practice, consulting in the field of digital transformation and dissemination of successful digital innovation projects.

DIH SC covers 4 main activities that help to develop innovation in companies:
1. Concept verification before investing in innovation.
2. Support in finding the funding needed to create innovation.
3. Skills development and training of employees of innovative companies.
4. Building an ecosystem and networking innovative companies.


DIH SC offers services in the following three main pillars:
IoT and embedded systems

  • draft specification of embedded / IoT system according to assignment,
  • design of electronic IoT systems and embedded systems connected via LPWAN networks (LoRaWAN, Sigfox, NB-IoT),
  • design of embedded / IoT device according to specification,
  • design and programming of embedded systems (application-specific – own solutions, standardly available – Arduino, RaspberryPi,…),
  • UNS design for embedded systems,
  • design of application specific integrated circuits (ASIC),
  • design of server applications for data management from sensor systems,
  • design of server applications for data visualization from sensor systems,
  • 3D design, visualization and implementation of equipment according to specifications,
  • implementation of functional prototypes of equipment according to the specification,
  • implementation of small series production of designed embedded / IoT devices,
  • serial production of designed embedded / IoT devices,
  • management of equipment / sensor system development according to project management standards,
  • preparation of project documentation for the proposed embedded / IoT device (for the introduction of serial production).


  • joint R&D projects,
  • promotion of customers,
  • educational activities and mentoring,
  • networking support,
  • obtaining information about new trends in robotics,
  • identification of gaps in the robotics market,
  • the ability to offer European partnerships in robotics research,
  • access to highly qualified knowledge,
  • creation of intellectual property based on innovation,
  • assessment of technological feasibility,
  • access to world-class laboratory facilities without the need for capital investments,
  • verification of the design of production lines and robotic cells,
  • verification of the safety of robotic cells and lines,
  • design of unique robotic devices,
  • unique methods to control industrial, service and medical robots.

Artificial intelligence

  • expertise in the field of artificial intelligence, machine learning,
  • information on the current state and trends in the field of artificial intelligence, training, courses,
  • design of complex machine learning solutions in various fields, main focus on image processing, video, pattern recognition and machine learning,
  • design of solutions using deep neural networks, enhanced learning, autoencoders,
  • design of biometric systems based on human face, iris and ear biometrics,
  • design of biomedical systems – diagnostics in ophthalmology (especially degenerative changes of the retina of the human eye),
  • design of biomedical systems – diagnosis of diseases related to bradykinesia,
  • design of machine learning systems working with time-frequency features,
  • design of speech signal processing systems, emotion recognition,
  • annotation and augmentation of datasets,
  • analysis and visualization of large datasets,
  • design of real-time image processing systems,
  • access to virtual laboratories and classrooms,
  • design of systems using Blockchain technology to share results.