Digital innovation Hub UM

Slomškov trg 15, 2000 Maribor Slovenija

+386 2 235 5370


Digital Innovation Hub UM is a regional network hub of research, industry and business support organizations, utilizing state of the art infrastructure, in order to bring the digital revolution in Slovenia by offering cutting-edge digital technology innovations and services to the manufacturing industry. It also acts as a one-stop shop for East Cohesion Region of Slovenia, directing industry player towards partners who can help them during the digital transformation process.

The mission of DIH UM is to bridge the gap between the digitalization needs in the industries and the viable solutions. DIH UM’s vision is to create a collaborative community focused on digital technologies and new business models that can improve the competitiveness of companies.


The services that Digital Innovation Hub UM is offering to regional business:

  • Produce and share knowledge
    1. Skills and education (DIH UM organizes workshops, courses in the field of digitalization and also provides instant access to its available and extensive R&D infrastructure for educational purpose)
    2. Financing innovation (DIH UM provides expert help to companies on identification of funding opportunities, consultancy for the application for local and EU grants, consultancy for the application for private investments)
    3. Business support and consultancy (DIH UM offers expert assistance in assessment of business ideas; feasibility studies and offers assistance in preparing business plans. Furthermore, we offer advice on technology transfer, intellectual property protection and other related issues)
    4. Search for international partners (DIH UM provides support to organizations seeking to sell or install new technologies for partners in international research, technology and innovation projects)
  • Co-develop, test, and launch new products and services
    1. Strategic research and development projects and contract research (DIH UM foster the establishment of successful partnerships for the joint implementation of R&D projects)
    2. Experimentation / Prototyping (DIH UM provides technical support on company’s scale-up and also provides instant access to its available and extensive R&D infrastructure)
    3. Testing phase (DIH UM provides product demonstration for companies)
  • Nourishing the digital innovation ecosystem
    1. Community building (DIH will strengthen its community with time through different formal networks, such as EEN, KTT, DTC, DEMOLA, VZHODNA.SI, etc.)
    2. Strategy development (DIH UM will assist local, regional and national government in content preparation of strategies and policies in the field of digitalisation; furthermore, it will assist companies in development and implementation of digitalization strategies)
    3. Community networking events (Workshops and conferences to share knowledge and best practice examples among DIH actors; organization of annual event)
    4. Promotion (DIH UM will promote the ecosystem in conferences organized by other institutions)
Additional information

DIH UM is established by University of Maribora and several local stakeholders, ranging from icubators, chambers of commerce to municipalities in East Cohesion region of Slovenia. With its 1200 researchers and its core eqipment – HPC RIVR (one of 100 biggest supercomputers in the world) DIH UM is fully capable of serving not only local but also transnational industry and other interested parties.

With over 1200 active researchers, over 1000 pcs of diffrent kind of research equipment and dozens of new technologies and innovations ready to be implemented in the industry, DIH UM is the perfect one-stop shop for all local actors to find the solutions for their challenges. DIH UM is operative in all technologcal fileds, from robotics to IOT, blockchain, etc and vertically works in 12 market sectors that are of outmost importance for the development of East Cohesion region of Slovenia.

DIH UM has gathered several important players in the field of digitalisation in Slovenia and has established a consortium, that will be applying for EDIH, under the coordination of DIH UM. The consortium consists of DIHS focused on different market sectors: DIH AGRIFOOD, DIGITECH SI-EAST, DIH SLOVENIA, DIH HEALTH and HPC5.