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DIHGIGAL is an initiative which aims to improve the competitiveness of the Galician economy through the promotion of digital transformation and the increase in the technological intensity of the industrial ecosystem, turning current factories into more automated, intelligent, flexible, sustainable, connected and social plants, with people being the core element.

DIHGIGAL has a very complete ecosystem made up of:

  2. Leading companies: Groupe PSA, GKN Driveline Vigo, Conservas Calvo, Grupo Nueva Pescanova, Clavo Congelados, Navantia, …
  3. Short and medium enterprises (SMEs): Marsan Transformaciones Superficiales, Feiraco, Martín Codax, Kiwi Atlántico…
  4. Enterpreneurship: over 80 start up Companies from our business factories (auto (BFAuto) and food (BFF))
  5. Technological companies: Rexroth (Bosch Group), TSystem, Mindsait, R, CINFO…
  6. Competence centers: ITG, CESGA, the 3 regional universities (UDC, UVigo, USC), FEUGA …
  7. Financial institutions: ABANCA

DIHGIGAL is divide in 4 main áreas of services:

  1. Ecosystem. Think tank, ppp, consortia, digital transformation solutions, networks…
  2. Test before invest. Access to the regional facilities to diagnosis, labs, pilots, prototyping…
  3. Skills. Training marketplace and specific training
  4. Funding. Support for public and private funding
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The backbone is the advisory service to guide the companies in the digital transformation with a holistic approach

DIHGIGAL is a Gold i-spaces label by the Big Data Value Association. Only other 5 hubs have this recognition

Twitter: twitter.com/dihgigal
Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/company/dihgigal
Youtube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCVHa5Fy5Yo6VIBhwYvg5zfQ

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