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Forskerparken 10F, 5230 Odense M, Denmark

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The Danish Technological Institute (DTI) has been developing, applying and transferring technology to industry and society since 1906.

DTI’s main activities within robotics are located in Odense in the Centre for Robot Technology where we are actively involved in many robotics projects in primarily manufacturing, service, construction, food, health and agricultural robotics.

Our focus is innovation – applying new research results and robot technologies to create robot solutions for the markets of tomorrow.

I is a leading European robotics innovator with a staff of more than 40 robotic experts within industry and service. We provide individual consultancy, actual working industrial solutions, courses for both blue- and white-collar workers covering various aspects of robotics, and networking opportunities, as well as performing applied research and development.

DTI is core innovation partner within robotics in MADE – the Manufacturing Academy of Denmark which focuses on future production and involves all Danish universities and 200+ Danish companies. DTI is also core partner in Odense Robotics which is the national robotics cluster in Denmark. Start-ups are supported in the Odense Robotics start-up hub that is based in DTI’s premises. DTI also host the Danish Robot Association DIRA which has 200+ members with focus on implementation of robotics.

DTI is also a partner in numerous European robotics DIH projects such as: RIMADIH-HEROagROBOfoodCOVR and ROBOTT-NET

DTI has been acting as a robotics DIH for several years across multiple domains.


The products and services delivered to companies, public organizations and others cover:

  • Robotic Solutions. End-user centred design and set up of business cases, development of robotic systems as well as competences and organizational capabilities at end-user sites, deployment of robotic solutions. Advanced Pilot Production: development and manufacturing of robotic solutions or components with advanced high-tech features, establishment of advanced robot-based manufacturing. Advanced perception systems. Robot technologies and complete manufacturing solutions designed for safe collaborative working.
  • Consultancy. Identify robotics application potentials in current practices, resolve and troubleshoot malfunctioning robotic solutions, comparative studies of technologies and application specifics, general advice about robotics. Helping the client to decide which parts of the task should be automated and which pieces are best carried out by humans. LEAN approaches and their implementation for the specific customer.
  • Innovation and business services. Methods for developing service innovation and service business models; finding ROI; using your data; training courses covering all aspects from idea generation, concept development, business model innovation to commercial exploitation of these ideas; finding funding; IPR, contract and licensing negotiation and agreement tools…
  • Networking & Events. Workshops, conferences, exhibitions, study tours, and awards centred around robotics in different branches with a focus on personal relations, initiation of collaborations, and sharing know-how. Courses targeting company management and “blue-collar” workers. Our extensive networks and established good relationships with various forms of manufacturing encourage interest and take-up.
  • Research, Development & Innovation Programs. Breakthrough innovations based on strategic and advanced product design, establishment of consortia, iterative cycle-based work plans, budgets, fundraising, proposal writing, contracting. University courses at all levels.
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The organisational framework is informal and very loose.

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