Fondazione Speedhub

Fondazione Speedhub

Piazza Cittadella n° 12, 37122, Verona (VR), Italy

Speedhub is the digital innovation hub of Confindustria Verona, the main association representing manufacturing and service companies in the territory of Verona, counting a total of more than 2.000 companies and more than 70.000 employees. Speedhub supports big companies and SMEs in the technological and digital transformation of their processes by helping them to experiment and test digital innovation.


One of Speedhub’s main aim is to increase the awareness about opportunities and benefits concerning the digital transformation and technological innovation. This information is usually shared through the organization and promotion of webinars and events. It also offers training and skills development, tailor-made consultancy, technical assistance, support in finding investments, and give access to an ecosystem and networking opportunities with technological providers and Universities. Speedhub has its own internal technical skills together with a network of qualified external collaborations useful for the development of operational projects.

At national level Speedhub is member of the Confindustria national DIH network, and at regional level is part of the Veneto region Industry 4.0 network.

Additional information

Speedhub collaborates with Confindustria Verona which is part of Confindustria, at national level the biggest and most important Italian association of manufacturing companies. Thanks to this collaboration Speedhub has been supporting various projects concerning the innovation, in particular, it provided support in the creation of two regional innovation networks: Rivelo and Tech4Life. The first one is about the development and implementation of technological solutions for the logistics and supply chains while the second one is about the adoption of new technologies in the health sector.

In the first project Speedhub was the scientific and technical coordinator while in the second one it helped to define the digital maturity level of the health sector and its drivers. Additionally, Speedhub cooperates with the Informatic Engineering Department of the University of Verona, more specifically with the Industial Computer Engineerin Lab (ICE Lab), a training environment where some of the exponential techonologies such as additive manufacturing, Industrial IoT, advanced robotics and Digital Twin are experimented and tested.