Images et Réseaux

Images et Réseaux

4 Rue André-Marie Ampère, 22300 Lannion


Certified in 2005, Images et Réseaux (IR) is a one-stop shop that facilitates and accelerates the digitization of companies in key regional economic sectors. Specialized in digital technologies, (cybersecurity, industry, ICT), IR supports innovation and offers a full range of services building on digital skills. With its specialized partners’ network in ICT, IR encourages meetings between, innovators, industrials and funders to collectively promote technologies, uses and markets. 

The mission of Images et Reseaux is to improve the level of regional Research, Development and Innovation to increase the competitiveness of the players in the territory by giving them the tools and support they need. Our main missions aim at:

  • Supportting innovation
  • Encouraging project development
  • Supporting collaborative R&D projects throughout their path
  • Supporting SMEs development and strengthen the links between the members, large
  • Insuring the promotion of know-hows of the communty at a local, national and international scale.
  • Animating the stakeholders ecosystem.


The services offered:

  1. Diagnostics:
    • Collaboration with the Brittany region for Digital maturity assessment to build a plan of digital transformation of companies.
    • Artificial Intelligence maturity assessment tool resulting of European collaboration of DIH AI network
  1. Test before invest:
    • Cybersecurity
    • Artificial Intelligence:
    • Fiware Lab Node
  1. Skills & training
    • Collaboration with training organizations
    • Cybersecurity training (Professional training, work-study or continuous, specialized engineer training by apprenticeship)
    • Digital Transformation training (Catalog of digital transformation training courses, Catalog of digital tools training
    • Training enabling (Technology scooting, Course engineering)
    • Public sectors (Training in the digital transformation of the public sector)


  1. Support to find Investment:
    • Access to funding
    • R&D Projects / techno Transfer
    • Collaboration with Incubators
    • Business / Finance Mentorship


  1. Communication & Networking (Communication / Awareness Communication on Showrooms visit, New technologies / solutions awareness workshops, Learning expeditions)


  1. Research & Innovation (Strategic development “Medium-long term road map, Mapping of technologies and skills, Continuous collaboration in R&I Frugal innovation, Call for projects Experimentation)


IR is part of the French Clusters platform for Industry of the Future (IoF) managed by the AFPC (French Association of competitive clusters) which contributes to the national IoF plan. IR is collaborating with the two related regional initiatives on IoF : Breizh Fab (Brittany) and French Fab (Pays de la Loire).

The hub activities are aligned with the French national initiatives for digitising industry, Alliance Industrie du Futur, Programme des Investissements d’Avenir, Transition Numerique.

Images et Réseaux has a cooperation agreement with the 11 technopoles established on its territory.