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Formerly known as ICT cluster, Innoskart has defined itself as a Digital Cluster since 2019 and as a Digital Innovation Hub since 2021. It’s mission, to supporting digitalisation by facilitating dialogue, knowledge and technology transfer between service and user companies. It plays an “interface” role between very different actors of the ecosystem who are equally involved in digitization, primarily at regional and national level.

Innoskart cooperates with the actors – organizations, clusters, universities, knowledge centers supporting Hungarian digital innovation in a way that fits into European trends – who come together to operate eDIH.

In the meantime, Innoskart is building an international network to help regional ecosystem actors to strengthen competencies in order to achieve European standards. Thus, digital innovation is not only supported in the Central Transdanubian Region, Innoskart is also actively involved in the construction of national and European level networks.

Innoskart’s aim is to familiarise SMEs in our region with the technological solutions for climate-neutral, circular and digitised production and to support the development of an innovative, clean and resilient industry. We also help to find the EU and national funding needed to achieve these goals.

  • Awareness creation
  • Ecosystem building, scouting, brokerage, networking
  • Access to Funding and Investor Readiness Services
  • Mentoring
  • Education and skills development

Innoskart has been involved in a number of partnerships in recent years:

  • COSME Natureef ESCP-4i
  • COSME Connsensys ESCP-S3
  • Innosup INCluSilver
  • Innosup S3FOOD
  • Interreg Central Europe ProsperAmnet
  • Interreg DTP eDigistars
Additional information

Innoskart is member of a consortium who has established – in order to ensure long-term cooperation and utilize results – the SS4AF partnership (Smart Sensor System for Agri-food –, several partner organizations are already DIH.

Innoskart agreed to establish closer cooperation with 3 universit and 1 industry knowledge centers on the establishment of a Hungarian unit of a European agri-food living lab network. In addition to Innoskart, the following take part in this:

  • Budapest University of Technology and Economiy, Industry 4.0 Technology Center
  • ELTE-Soft Nonprofit Ltd.
  • Óbudai University, Antal Bejczy Center for Intelligent Robotics
  • Campden BRI Hungary Nonprofit Ltd.

In the European innovation support system, several agri-food industry transfer projects with Hungarian participation have already won, in the implementation of which Innoskart actively supported the applicants, who demonstrated well the implementation of digital innovation in the food industry SME sector.