Science Park Building Rimska 28, 44 000 Sisak, Croatia

+385/44/544 930

DIH PISMO operates as a part of Sisak Moslavina County Development agency SI-MO-RA Ltd. It is located in Novska and consists of two building on 1213m2. These premises include 20 offices and a conference space, coworking and multimedia space – space with 40 working units, 150 chairs for conferences, video wall, projector, VR equipment (driving simulator, flying simulator, gyroscope, 3D lenses etc.), Music and video studio, photogrametric studio, motion capture studio, 3D printing. DIH PISMO is mainly focused on gaming industry (and one small part on metal processing industry) with a vision to – Bring a positive change in SMC in order to become the centre of the gaming industry and other digital technologies that attract and retain finances and talents in the region.

The key resources that DIH PISMO provides are space and specialized equipment (for gaming and metal processing), human resources and expertise.

  • Rent of offices
    Rent of 20 offices
  • Rent of conference/education spaces
    Rent of space for seminars, conferences, business meetings
  • Education and training
    Organisation of various education programmes – gaming development (unity and blender programs); marketing; financial administration; establishing and scaling up of start-ups; social entrepreneurship etc.
  • Mentorship
    • business plans creation
    • advices – technical and economic advices
    • support in project implementation
    • networking
    • sales educations and trainings
  • Certification
    Providing certification for educations and training attended in DIH, which are recognized all over the world.


  • Marketing
    Promotional and raising awareness activities
  • Event organization and visits
    Organization of various events with the main aim of promoting – providing information about PISMO, and networking with relevant stakeholders for future business. It includes also participation in other events for the networking and brokerage purpose.


  • Design and prototyping activities
    Product testing and validation of newly created start-up ideas, offering alternatives if necessary
  • Rent of equipment
    Rent of equipment on daily basis – CNC Machine, melting furnace, 3D printer
  • Rent of music and video studio
    Rent of music and video equipment on daily basis
  • Rent of coworking spaces with VR equipment
    Rent of coworking space and VR equipment on daily basis
  • Support to scaling up of businesses
    Providing consultation services: Mentoring in general business operations, concept validation, networking and brokerage, indicating sources of financing, etc.
Additional information

PISMO will be a center of gaming industry connecting gaming development companies in Croatia and worldwide with start-ups and individuals. As PISMO is fully equipped for gaming development, it will enable for young people to develop their idea, create new game and even promote it on global market.