Smart Industry Centre

Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech), Ehitajate tee 5, 19086, Tallinn Estonia

00372 530 90 118

Smartic is an initiative supporting the field of smart manufacturing (Industry 4.0), merging distributed infrastructure for future research and development activities mechanics, mechanical engineering, automation, mechatronics, material science and technology and information technology.

Establishing of Smartic was initiated by the current state of Estonian economy and industry – after stage of competing only by lower prices, and lower-skilled outsourcing work, is more and more necessary to create higher value chain by high-tech production. Estonia has no longer advantage of low-cost industrial country. To improve thesituation also universities should show clear direction, become more capable partner to the industry in R&D in development of new technologies and preparing top professionals for factories of the future.


The focus topics of SmartIC are:

1. Preparation, manufacturing and quality control of complex prototypes.
2. Development of digital twins and virtual and augmented reality (VR&AR) solutions in manufacturing.
3. Industrial robotics.
4. Self-driving vehicles in production logistics.
5. Predictive maintenance and optimization smart manufacturing.
6. Safe and sustainable energy solutions for smart industry.

Additional information

SmartIC DIH in Estonia aims:

1. To provide access to competences that can help in assessing, planning and mastering the digital transformation in the focus topics;
2. To provide access to innovation networks of a broad spectrum of competences and best practice examples
3. To assist in finding financing for SMEs for digital innovations.


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