AICRUM IT is a Spanish SME based in Murcia that provides expertise in AI

SME challenge: Data Analytics oriented to eco-friendly driving (improve behaviour of car drivers and reduce gas emission)

Benefits and expected outcomes:

The combination of 1/ devices (OBD dongles) installed on cars that gather valuable information from the vehicle such as location, speed, accelerations and fault codes and 2/ Data Analytics architecture will help to:

  • Promote eco-friendly driving through the analysis of the behaviour of drivers and their driving patterns, e.g. send weekly tips, advises and suggestions based on the data collected during the week
  • Reduction of fuel consumption and gas emission by the analysis of the behaviour of drivers in their trips, alongside with other statistical parameters.
  • Predictive maintenance: Detection of car breakdowns and maintenance needs, which benefit operatively and economically a company operating a fleet of cars.

Polish manufacturing SME is looking for a DIH to support the development of the system for post-production and automatic control of radio parameters of transceivers

SME challenge: Digitization of manufacturing processes

Benefits and expected outcomes:

The subject of the development is an automatic system for post-production control of functional and radio parameters of transceivers. A typical manufacturing process contains several phases ending with a series of tests to verify product correct operation. This especially applies to radio transceivers, where the radio parameters must comply with the applicable standards. Usually this work is done by hand which is time consuming and costly. We want to automate this process, increasing its efficiency and reduce the working time, labor cost and the possibility of human errors.

Renotech is a SME from Finland involved in manufacturing of construction items from concrete, gypsum etc. We are in the process to uptake concrete 3D printing.

SME challenge: We need an accelerator chemical injection system for our robotic arm 3D concrete printer.

Benefits and expected outcomes:

  • At the moment we can only print items of sizes 18cm in height in 1 run and it severely hinders our capacity to print and manufacture etc. With accelerator injection system we can print very high objects in 1 go
  • Currently it take 24h for concrete to set. With accelerator injection system a set accelerator will be used which will lead to instant setting.
  • Need to create complex geomtery only possible via new capability as it will limit collapse.