Bulgaria, North Central Region of Bulgaria

Research and Development and Innovation Consortium, 3D Creativity and New Products Rapid Prototyping Lab (3DCLab)

Experiment objective

The main objective of the experiment is to integrate a 3D printer in the flexible tube manufacture accelerating the uptake of advance digital technologies to manufacture new products from Post Industrial Recyclable Material (PIRM) for achieving zero waste manufacture. The specific objective is to develop a new approach for new technological and metrology fixtures to be created by digital technologies (3D printer) and to design and demonstrate new products prototypes, using PIRM.

This innovative experiment is aligned with the DIH-World open call objectives as it aims integration of digital technologies (3D printer) in the manufacturing process to design and manufacture new products from industrial plastic material waste. The experiment combines the knowledge of a DIH and its technological experience with the desire of a mid-size company, manufacturing laminated tubes to implement digital technologies to achieve Circular economy principles in its manufacturing process creating and making new products from Post Industrial Recyclable Material (PIRM).


Implementation Solution

The proposed solution is to use the created waste implementing new way of processing PIRM by adding a high tech digital process manufacturing high added value new products. The company can use directly plastic flakes or to preliminary process the waste industrial material to re-granules or further – to filament or powder. After these types of material processes the PIRM is used in a 3D printer for manufacture of new technological and metrology fixtures for robotization and new products prototypes.