Awareness 4 Safety (A4S)


Digital Innovation Hub Liguria

Experiment objective

The goal of the proposal is the realization of an innovative experiment capable of integrating anthropocentric technologies based on Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the solutions currently proposed by T&G to support workers and provide them higher safety.

The objective is to create a complete solution focused on the protection of the person which allows the operator working in the field to be equipped with intelligent devices to interact “consciously” with the complex world that surrounds him, displaying in real time context information through AR / VR devices and being himself a sensor of the system that provides information (such as positioning, physical state, anti-collision man / machine) which, integrated with the environmental ones, help to manage safety and the effectiveness of operations. AR/VR, IoT, AI techniques are used to propose an innovative solution with great market opportunities and applications for Construction and Maritime sectors.


Implementation Solution

The system will be defined through collecting and reviewing contributions of subcontractors to integrate anthropocentric technologies based on AR/VR, IoT, AI. A4S system and the specifications of the subsystems that compose it will be defined with the aim of integrating all the technological components involved in a single homogeneous and anthropocentric solution. The demonstrator will be realized at SIIT (partner of DIHL), comprehending these activities:

– AR Module: Development of the Pixel Perfect Mockup that allows to validate the graphic elements constituting the visual identity of the functional communication and the interactive prototype to be installed on the viewers (eg Microsoft Hololens)

– Sensors module: development of the “connected worker ”kit of sensors and PPE integrated with the AR part

– Algorithms: development of algorithms for risk assessment and the calculation of alternative routes

– Development of the middleware and IT platform for system integration of the solution and communication with the outside world

– Integration of modules

The solution will then be tested in a real environment (Sech Port terminal) where professional operators perform delicate tasks such as maintenance, inspections while moving within complex and dangerous contests. Feedback from these operators will be important for the success and validation of the experiment, as well as for quality review.


DHI Liguria will disseminate the project in CONNEXT event that will take place in Milan on 2-3rd December. Connext is the industrial partnership national meeting organized to strengthen the business ecosystem in a dimension of horizontal and vertical integration and contamination with start-ups’ world and production chains growth