exoMATCH – Intelligent Exoskeleton/Task Matchmaking

 Bremen, Germany


Experiment objective

The WearHealth solution is an AI-driven digital companion app and wearable sensor kit that digitalizes the process to implement passive occupational exoskeletons OEs. The digital solution will provide insights during the whole customer journey, from the initial technological scouting to the final implementation, to guarantee a successful adoption of passive OEs, and thus, a greater reduction of MSDs.

The objectives of the innovative experiment are:

(1) increasing HSE Managers awareness about the applicability of industrial exoskeletons by 40%;

(2) increasing HSE Managers willingness to adopt industrial exoskeletons by 50%; and

(3) reducing the industrial exoskeletons testing costs by 60%.


The main technical objectives are:

(4) validation of the video-based assessment methodology for exoskeleton/task matchmaking

(exoMATCH feature) in the industrial test bed at BIBA;

(5) expanding a database of industrial exoskeletons with features and specifications; and

(6) developing an automated system for reporting.



Implementation of the Solution

The Exoskeleton Matchmaking feature, “exoMATCH”, is a video-based ergonomic pre-screening to showcase in a few clicks through a personalized report if there is a good fit between manual tasks and OEs. In order to validate the reliability, robustness and usability of this feature, two different test setups will be conducted in the industrial test bed at BIBA (Bremer Institut für Produktion und Logistik) which is a DIH located in northern Germany, Bremen. The experiments are placed in the logistics sector and include different technologies like Internet of Things, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Technologies, and Sensors.