Pilot Experiments

Factory of the Future

Felgueiras, Portugal


Experiment objective

The project aims at the modernisation of WTEX’s factories. The objective is, therefore, to prototype a system that enhances operational management with a view to sustainability and connectivity of the factory floor.​


Implementation Solution

The implementation allowed to integrate financial and commercial goals, aligning WTEX business objectives with operational processes, as well as with sustainable targets previously defined, since the real time monitoring feature is able to collect relevant data to calculate pre-established indicators to measure the sustainability of the production process.

To maximise the contributions of this platform to the productivity and competitiveness of WTEX, this platform was implemented in line with a private 5G network, improving the connectivity between the IoT devices and the hardware of the plant.​

Results Obtained

The results obtained were based on the digital twins of the factories and the resulting system overview platform which corresponded exactly to the objectives of modernising and digitasion of the factories, while the results obtained through the data digitised and their analysis allowed for better and more informed decision making and the achievement of the desired sustainability goals.

Impact of the experiment

The impact of the experiment was felt mainly since it turned possible to address some of the challenges and needs identified to increase WTEX productivity, efficiency, and market competitiveness, therefore achieving the desired increase in the results.


The dissemination of the experiment was achieved through physical and online communication tools such as posts on social media, newsletters, flyers and press releases. Below you can find an example of a flyer: