Green and Digital Forest Service Management


 Finland, Kainuu region and Eastern Finland

Arctic Data Intelligence and Supercomputing Ecosystem (AIKA)

Experiment objective

Main objectives of the experiment are to

1) increase productivity of forest machine operators by improving order management of forestry liquids & supplies with new digital technologies,

2) explore real time consumption monitoring of liquids consumed by forest machines,

3) promote sustainable and safe procedures for employees operating with liquids and

4) ensure availability of skilled staff for forest machine operators by using virtual reality platforms for showcasing forestry service management.


Implementation Solution

Our proposed solution is an IoT-based monitoring system for liquid containers (Adblue, fungicide) located in remote storage areas. The monitoring system contains a mobile app that machine drivers use when they pick up supplies and liquids from storage areas. The app would provide ability (a simple dashboard) to monitor containers remotely showing the level of liquids (with traffic light colour codes), how much liquid a specific driver took from a container, a history data on the container and ability to trigger alert to a work manager’s email address when ¾ of liquids has been consumed.

Additionally, our solution improves job introduction of new employees from the viewpoint of dealing with forestry liquids (how to position a fuel container safely in the forest, how to sort forestry waste in main storage area, where is the motor oil etc., what type of protection is required while dealing with the fungicide, what an employee should do if a fungicide / adblue container is damaged and leaks a significant amount to the ground). We aim to provide a solution that could be used both through VR glasses and PC/Mobile workstation (such as 360 viewer).


Link to CEMIS Past, Present and Future Seminar/Webinar

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ap3ANDcpus (DIH-World Experiment GREDFORS shortly presented at 16:38)