Final review of the first open call experiments: sharing results and success on the uptake of digitalisation

May 18, 2022

On May 18th the DIH-World project carried out the final review of its first open call. The event marked the end of the 28 innovative experiments implemented in the first call between October 2021 and May 2022. During the virtual session, the participating companies presented their projects, together with the DIHs as promoters of this transformation, in which they have sought to adopt digital technologies for the improvement of the processes, products and services in SMEs. The review session has served to share the results among the different organisations and talk about each other’s learnings for a successful manufacturing modernization

The call has helped bring fair digitalisation to the different parts of continent, involving 56 organisations (28 SMEs and 28 DIHs) from Southern and Eastern Europe. In addition it has contributed to the innovation of different sectors that have become increasingly important in the last years such as the agri-food, maritime, construction and wood sector with the challenges on the supply chain and the environment.

You can get more details about the different projects implemented during the first call in the Experiments section.

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